Thermal spray coating

Thermal spray coating, metallisation

By using different technologies, it is possible to spray coat pure metals, alloys and oxides… in their varying forms: steel to chrome, aluminium, nickel aluminide, zinc, bronze, copper, molybdenum, nickel-chrome, zinc-aluminium…

These materials give the parts they coat many properties, such as:
• resistance to abrasion
• resistance to corrosion
• temperature resistance
• reduced metal/metal friction
• reduced parts wear

They can also provide better resistance to abrasion in fluoropolymer coatings, heat and electrical insulation, better sliding
They enable the localised repair of complex and expensive parts such as mould dies.

General features


Centrifugal screws, cylinders, nozzles, shafts, pins, crankshafts, plates, shaping tools, moulds, any mechanical part requiring recharging or specific hardness on functional parts…

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