PEEK coating

PEEK offers excellent resistance to corrosion (acids, bases, solvents), excellent resistance to abrasion and wear, excellent di-electrical and radiation resistance. It is approved for the food industry.
It is possible to machine this coating where thick layers are applied.

General features

• Working temperature: 260°C continuous
• Thickness: from 30 to 800 µm
• Melting temperature: 370-400°C


Vats, containers, tanks, piping, agitator axles and blades, filters, plugs, valve bodies, impellers, pump housings, probes, reactor or centrifuge bodies, water-tight sealing joints, bearings, wear rings, valves, rods and piston heads, thrust washers, blades, scrapers, guides, filling nozzles, moulds, welding bars/plates, trunking…

Industry sectors

Aeronautics, textiles, chemical, petrochemical, nuclear, connectors…

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