Heat-shrinkable sleeves

Heat-shrinkable sleeves

The installation of FEP or PFA sleeves offers non-stick and anti-corrosion properties on cylinders used in various sectors.
The sleeves protect the surface of the rollers, optimise productivity, reduce down time linked to handling, prevent jamming and products sticking to the rollers.

General features

  • FEP or PFA heat-shrinkable sleeves
  • Wall thickness: 0,5 mm (0,020“) or 0,6 mm (0,020“)
  • Approximate shrinkage: 20% – 25%
  • Shrinkage temperature: from 121°C to 204°C
  • Density: 2,15
  • Water absorption: 0,01%
  • Coefficient of dynamic friction: 0,2 (standard D1894)
  • Hardness: 53 Shore D
  • Anti-static PFA available on request


rollers for paper machines, transport rollers, guide rollers, calender rollers, pressure, bent, grooved rollers, bottleneck rollers…

straight or bent rollers for bedding, mercerising, spinning, dyeing, printing, lamination, finishing, adhesion, rotary and guide presses…

Industry sectors

Paper industry, printing,

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