Sofiplast offers a wide range of approved coatings for use in contact with food products.

We can also address problems of sticking, abrasion, sealing, removing from moulds, contact with confectionery, bakery, patisserie, industrial seasoning, cheese, catering products, etc.

Main advantages of the coatings

  • Improved cleaning efficiency in terms of time and quality
  • Easier to remove from moulds
  • Prolongs the life of the material
  • Increased availability of tooling
  • Increased productivity
  • Regular production flow
  • Improves cooking time (energy saving)


Hoppers, bread moulders, agitators, cooking trays, individual or bulk moulds, worm gears, welding or heat sealing bars, mixing vessels, filling nozzles, cylinders, rollers, cutting rotors…

And you, what is your challenge?

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