LAM’LCOAT® coating

Based on technology originally developed by NASA, LAM’LCOAT® coating is a solid lubricant which is mechanically very resistant. Its extremely low friction coefficient explains its widespread use in all industry sectors.

General features

– Dry lubricant strips
– Guaranteed thickness of 1µm (± 0,5)
– Friction coefficient: 0,03 dynamic (graphite: 0,074) and 0,07 static
– Lubricating power increases with load applied:
friction coefficient of 0,044 under 14 kg/mm² increasing to 0,024 under 140 kg/mm² and remains stable up to 280 kg/mm²
– Working temperature: -273°C to +600°C continuous
– Mil Spec approved. For military uses

Main advantages

– Offers the lowest available friction coefficient (0.030 dynamic)
– It is anti-seize and possesses non-stick properties
– The low friction coefficient reduces the operational temperature and noise
– LAM’LCOAT® does not deform materials (1 micron thick). It preserves the original dimensional features of the tools and blades and any surface treatments applied
– It is environmentally friendly and is chemically inert
– Lubricates tools permanently
– It eliminates any hysteresis phenomenon for short-term relocation and enables very precise positioning.
– Reduces the need for maintenance operations
– Improves the capacity of tools and their general quality
– Reduces pressure and wear and increases the life-span of tools and accessories
– Can increase productivity (because it can increase the speed and output)
– Does not require firing
– Does not alter the finished part
– Does not move


Pumps, valves, screws, control units, compressors, rollers, bolts, gears, worm gears, springs, bearings, axles, shafts, pins and bushes, washers, ball and socket joints, balls, liners, bodies, guides, washers, segments, pistons, chains, drill bits, cutters, plates, moulds, patterns, spindles, nuts, ejectors, slide bars, cylinder heads, cam shafts, transmissions, blanking and drawing dies…

Range of applications

Plastic injection, mechanical engineering, deep-drawing, cutting tools…

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