PFA coating

PFA (PerfluoroAlcoxy) possesses excellent non-stick properties, good abrasion resistance, excellent di-electrical resistance, excellent resistance to chemical agents, bad weather conditions and UV.

General features

• Tensile strength: 25 MPa (ASTM D638)
• Stretching: 300% (ASTM D638)
• Hardness: 60/62 Shore D (ASTM D2240)
• Friction coefficient – static: 0,20 (ASTM D1894)
• Temperature range: 260°C, continuous
• Thickness: from 40 to 800 µm
• Temperature of polymerisation: 340-400°C


Conveyor and storage equipment, pumps, valves, extractors, diffusers, mixers, probes, clamps, handles, instrument handles…

Industry sectors

Agri-food, packaging, packing and weighing, automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, paper-making, printing, glass, textiles, rubber…

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