Aeronautics / military

The creation of Sappi Technologies expanded the Sofiplast group expertise in the field of special coatings by providing studies, design and application of technical coatings that require a controlled environment for high-tech industrial sectors (aeronautics, space, armaments, defence…).


  • Super-pressure clean room, air-conditioned
  • Control room
  • Sand blasters
  • Treatment rooms
  • Air ovens with heat recorders

Control methods

  • Dimensional control
  • Thickness control
  • Heat control and recording
  • Adhesion control
  • Water tightness control

Key features

Application, in a controlled environment, of thin layers of coatings with low friction coefficient (no degasification at extreme temperatures), self-lubricating, anti-fretting, anti-frost, non-stick, electric insulation on titanium, stainless steel, aluminium structures

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