As an industrial partner resolutely committed to technical innovation, SOFIPLAST mobilises its R&D department and its design office to create and develop solutions (coatings, treatments, application processes, etc.) taking into account the evolution of requirements, technologies and regulations.

How can the risk of exposure to NMPs be reduced? What are the new application processes to use less water and energy?

What is the alternative treatment for Chromium 6?
How to improve the performance of production processes?
SOFIPLAST is fully committed to meet these challenges!


The requirements for coatings and treatments of substrates are too often raised following the observation of wear, corrosion, friction, binding, adhesion, noise… SOFIPLAST accompanies you from the beginning of your projects to anticipate these problems.

Depending on the specificities and conditions of your application (dry or wet, oily or aggressive environment…), it may be appropriate to modify a treatment or add a coating to avoid numerous maintenance operations (cleaning, stripping, recharging…).


SOFIPLAST develops innovative processes, coatings, and treatments such as:

SOFIPLAST is committed to dynamic partnerships with numerous stakeholders in collaborative innovation (see our partnerships) and is a member of the HARMONY Economic Interest Group (development of innovative surface treatment processes). The company also participates in the following FUI projects supported by BPI France and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

  • AEROSTRIP : intelligent stripping system
  • MEKKINOX : alternative to hard chrome
  • MOULINNOV : high performance injection moulding

Design office

Our design office defines, analyses, controls and if necessary improves the stripping process of a solution to a specific problem. Its intervention covers in particular:

  • Co-development of application processes (e.g. SLITHER project, waterproof spray head)
  • Advanced measurement specification and analysis
  • Sample testing
  • Technical diagnostics
  • Static 3D simulation

And you, what is your challenge?

SOFIPLAST undertakes to get back to you as soon as possible.