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fonctionnalisation de surface fonctionnalisation de surface fonctionnalisation de surface

The functionalization of surfaces aims to achieve specific properties for all types of substrates (eg. anti-adhesion, anti-corrosion, anti-frost, dry lubrication…).

This property is achieved through different processes:


Application of
special coatings

Innovative surface treatments (fluoropolymer, metal-based…) which are environmentally friendly




> Triboslide® + WS2


> Ion implantation




> Heat-shrinkable sleeves


> Thermal spray coating


> Resins


> Polyurethanes


> Rilsan® / Plastcoat


> Paints


By studying the working conditions and environment of the part to be treated, Sofiplast Group is able to advise on the best processes and systems for standard or innovative coatings that fulfil your specifications.

The range of solutions we offer ensures the most appropriate solution is available to you whatever the sector of activity or technical and regulatory constraints that are imposed (mechanical, food, defence sectors…).


By working in close collaboration with our clients, the Sofiplast Group continuously improves the production processes which enable us to offer even greater productivity gains, in particular by using innovative processes. Examples:

• Triboslide® + WS2
• Ion implantation

Lead times

We always endeavour to meet agreed deadlines et pouvons and can offer rapid services.


In accordance with their specific activities and equipment, our factories are ISO 9001 approved or have achieved specific approvals for certain industry sectors (aeronautics, military, removing parts from rubber moulds...).

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