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Packaging sector

Sofiplast addresses problems of sticking, corrosion and abrasion faced by professionals involved in packaging and production lines.


Main advantages of the coatings

  • Main advantages of the coating
  • Consistency and tightness of the weld
  • Durability of the non-stick function of welded bars and trays
  • Easier maintenance of the bars and trays
  • Prolongs the life of the material
  • Maintains the weld quality against fumes
  • Consistency in the quality of the product removed from the mould
  • Minimises waste
  • Easier to remove from the mould
  • Prevents bonding



Heat sealing or heat welding trays / bars, moulds, pins, ejectors, nuts, guides, dies, patterns, heating blocks…

plaque de thermoscellage revetement pour secteur de l'emballage barre de thermosoudure Blocs de soudage pour yaourts


Our coatings

pdf AS438
pdf AS581
pdf AS783
pdf AS48
pdf AS495
pdf AS301

These coatings are given for guidance.

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